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About This Course

What is the Ankhfx Academy? It’s a cutting-edge program built to teach you Ankhfx trading methods and techniques in intensive trading over a period of 6 months. In this period you will be trained strictly on a professional level to rebuild your trading skills from A-Z.

Prepare to unlearn everything you “think” you know about the markets, and UNLEASH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL by witnessing a master that understands the manipulation all financial markets undergo.

Learn the art of trading gold through our expert as for an hour you are guided through the charts the way a real trader looks at them. Use price action to determine the price moves and also learn how to read the markets from a macro level down to a minute candlestick level.

As part of our unique “Drip Content” system, every 10 days, you’ll receive new course material, allowing you to steadily build your knowledge and expertise. By the end of 6 months, you’ll have complete access to our treasure trove of trading wisdom. In the “Curriculum” tab, you can easily find out when each lesson becomes available by looking at the “after x days” label next to each lesson.

So, are you prepared to become part of the elite 1%? Join us at Ankhfx Academy and embark on an extraordinary journey toward trading excellence! Let’s conquer the markets together and elevate your trading success

Learning Objectives

In the Ankhfx Academy, we are aiming to connect both technical and macroeconomics with behavioural economics to build a good understanding of how the structure of gold's market function, this understanding can be used in scalping, day trading, and swing trading gold. As the economy is continuously evolving, it also faces a lot of challenges to stay stable and it is in many means completely and directly related to gold. Many experts and investors view gold trading as a safe solution against the market ups and downs, currency depreciation, or any other economic events. On the other hand, direct investment in gold is difficult in many means and aspects such as the lack of liquidity and high storage costs, as a substitute investors tend to trade in different instruments like Gold exchange-traded funds to gain more Gold exposure.
In Today's markets, it is possible to make a profit from trading commodities like Gold without having to physically own the metal, gold trading using CFDs is based on opening a temporary order to buy or sell an exact amount of gold. The profit or loss is determined by the change in the price of gold during the contract duration. We are also aiming to use this University to prove that Technical and fundamental approach has a direct relationship with each other, as they work together in a bonded system and finally we're trying to prove that the price is the main core of the Gold market, therefore supply and demand, candles and psychological levels are essential and crucial technical tools.
The skills you will learn can be applied on any financial instrument, they are not only applicable to Gold.


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The historical background of Gold


Macro Economics

Behavioral Economics

Risk Management


Basics of Charting

Bootcamp 1.0

AnkhFX Advanced Charting

AnkhFX Liquidity pools

AnkhFX Institute Advanced Charting 2

AnkhFX Institute Advanced Charting 3

Building a trading system

AnkhFX Trading Systems


Self Growth

Bootcamp 2.0

In Bootcamp 2.0, Khaled will share his trading process step by step. For both scalping and swing trading. The session will mainly consist of backtesting.

Bootcamp 3.0

Bootcamp 3.0 Will Teach You How To Pass Challenges, Psychology, And Risk Management Behind It. We’ll Give You A Simple System For That.



82 lectures

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