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Learn the Art of Trading Gold through our experts without having to remember strategies and using lagging indicators, use price action to determine the price moves and also learn how to read the markets from a macro level down to a minute candlestick level.



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Ankhfx institute +400 hours of economics, risk management, psychology, advanced charting and self growth.

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Brings your trading to the next level

Im a member for almost a year now and this membership completely changed my way of looking at charts. If you want to be successful in the markets this is your community. Education, guidance and the best team there is out there.
Sandro sr


I joined AnkhFX with what I thought was strong knowledge on gold. Their team really elevated my entire skillset and introduced new concepts which have helped me immensely. Their team help students all day every day, providing knowledge, trading set ups and even weekly 1:1s. You can apply their info regarding gold to various other pairs and still be successful. I cannot recommend enough, save your money and invest in yourself by learning how to trade with AnkhFX.
Rory Harrison

The best trading comunity

I joined ankhfx trading comunity last year in July , literally it was the best decision I did so far !! Amazing teammates and great webinars weekly and 1 on 1 sessions every week
United States

I joined Anhkfx in Jan this year

I joined Anhkfx in Jan this year. When i joined, i had a hard time learning because this guy pack so much knowledge in his head. The amount of information he dished out it is quite hard for me to digest. I took a break because of my newborn and only recently pick up again. And after studying the course again i finally understand.Khaled is one of the most honest and humble person despite what he achieve. He even threw a challenge to the best trader to trade his own money. Which mentor actually did that?
Kenneth Paw

About myself and my journey

About myself: I’m the first ever too be coached by khaled. And I am thankful I came across this genius mentor. I was trading about a year. And was already profitable trading the forex market. But learning from Ankhfx made see the chart in a different way. So much clearer. It is so much easier and less stressful if you got the same vison as khaled. He showed me how to maximize my profits and trade far less then I was used too! He opened my eye, and also explained what each and every candle was telling me. I can ....
Lucas Ciric

Ankhfx alias Khaled changes your life

Ankhfx alias Khaled changes your life. I am happy to be part of the community. You get every question answered and you get everything shown from a-z. You learn a lot about psychology in trading. You can follow Ankhfx on instagram if you want to see what we do every day. I have seen a lot of bad but also very good groups, but what the community is doing at Ankhfx is unbelievable.

Been here for 3 months and I am totally…

Been here for 3 months and I am totally new to trading. Everything is laid out and if you don't understand, the team is always there for you and you can definitely grow if you put in your effort. Khaled is on another level and the thing he does for us is amazing. Highly recommended for all new traders! Thank you Khaled and team!!

Ankhfx shows RESULTS!

If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go FAR go TOGETHER! ANKHFX is the group you didn’t know you wanted to be apart of! Very helpful and patient group of people that I know IM glad to be apart of. The consistency of the team is A1, I believe you get what you pay for and it’s well worth it. Updated daily and have immediate responses to questions if you’re ever stuck or need a little more information on something. Most importantly it’s all backed up with REAL RESULTS!
Luis Montero
United States

I have just recently joined Ankhfx…

I have just recently joined Ankhfx having been in the trading game for quite some time. I must say this is the best content I've come across in terms of trading gold. It's all original and rife with information. For anyone struggling in their trading journey, i definitely recommend you to join the Ankhfx community. This is just the beginning, can't wait to see what the future holds
United Kingdom

The truth about Ankhx

Ankhx is more than just a trading Community, the group because a family no matter your skill level, we all help and motivate each other to grow and be the better version of ourselves. We cut all the nonsense out and keep it as real as can be! The way trading should be. This trading community has changed my life and owner khaled is An amazing leader and teacher and if you apply what he teaches you there’s no limit to what you can reach in both trading and life.
Jorge Velasco
United States
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"These days, people still trade this precious metal, but without the hassle of actually owning gold bars to exchange. Knowing when to execute a trade is where the majority of ...."

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